March 21, 2009


Some good reasons why you may want our help! We are Internet savvy. We may have a better source of information or know of someone that you are not aware of, save time, or just free advertising of equipment that you want to sell. We want to build a working relationship between the buyer and seller.

NewUsedEquipment, Inc. (NUE) has been in business since July of 2000. Our primary function is to inform and match up a potential buyer with a seller of agricultural equipment or services through our Website. At NUE, we do not buy or sell equipment. So why do we take the time and expense to help the farmer, dairyman and livestock producer at no charge? Hopefully someday we generate enough traffic on this Website to charge larger commercial customers an advertising fee for using NUE's New Products and Service Showcase. Give me a try with all your equipment needs. I sure would like to help you in your search or you maybe wanting to sell, either way it's without charge. Send me an e-mail to get started.

Bud Baumgart

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